Product Specifications:

  • The Nano “Elite” is InkJecta’s Flagship Machine, the Box contains all the new products and also features a LED light and Side bumpers.


    • Billet Alloy Construction
    • Broader Voltage Length
    • 4.5V-20V
    • Led Light Activation
    • Removable and Interchangeable crank cover
    • Removable and Interchangeable side bumpers
    • Chrome 3.25 crank
    • All new Patent Black semi Rigid Drive
    • All new Patent Hard Torsion Drive
    • All new Patent Medium Torsion Drive
    • All new Patent Soft Torsion Drive
    • No start up Delay
    • Non Polarity sensitive
    • MX6 Lubricant
    • Custom storage pack

Available Price:

9,450,000 Tomans